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Do you experience a lack of alignment amongst your team members from the Global North and Global South?

Do you struggle to achieve your goals due to tensions and conflict caused by different expectations and assumptions?

In today's globalized landscape, purpose-driven organizations face the challenge of managing cultural diversity within teams while pursuing their inclusive vision. Yet, many struggle to foster connection and alignment, hindering collaboration and innovation. This lack of cohesion undermines organizational progress and efficiency, necessitating tailored strategies to bridge cultural divides, foster resilience and unleash team potential.

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What we do

We empower teams within purpose-driven organizations to actualize their vision of a world that works for all.


We offer tailored tools and strategies that foster connection and alignment in culturally diverse teams and teams working in an intercultural context.


Our customized programs can be offered in person or online, and enhance team building,  intercultural and empathic communications skills, promote values alignment and cultivate clarity of shared purpose.

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Who we are

We are trainers of Nonviolent Communication, mediators, empathy facilitators and experts in intercultural communication bringing our lived experience of bridging cultural differences between Africa and Europe to teams of purpose-driven organizations working in multicultural contexts.

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Contact us

Please feel free to email us or contact us on LinkedIn.

We'd be happy to start your intercultural empathy journey with you!

Tuonane Upeo [Swahili]: We'll meet beyond where the eye can see.

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